Designing your corporate strategy: A Guide for CEOs

And the essential references…

Jim Collin’s Built to Last: While a bit repetitive and slow, Collins effectively explores the foundation of long lasting businesses. No need to read this if you’re just looking to flip a company.

Russel Ackoff’s Art of Problem Solving: Great read on how to define problems, think outside the box, and solve issues the right way.

Michael Porter’s Competitive Analysis: An easy to follow method to diagnose an industry’s competitive appeal. How attractive is your industry?

Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage: A great follow-up to the previous book. This time, Porter shares a method on creating competitive advantage.

Russel Ackoff’s Idealized Design: A method on designing the right solution. No band-aid fixes here.

Peter Schwartz’s Scenario Planning: A method for comparing strategic options. This might not help you predict the future, but will force you to identify dependencies and which elements to track during execution.

Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast & Slow: Recognize the cognitive biases we have in decision making so your strategic choice is actually what you want.

Happy strategizing 🙂

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