Lack of strategic alignment is fatal: GoPro’s experience

When leaders at the same organization don’t share the same goals, when they fail to collaborate, it’s a clear sign of failed strategy. Here’s what CJ Prober, COO at GoPro had to say about the mess he inherited (reporting by Bloomberg):

Prober, who in early in his career worked as a management consultant at McKinsey, partly blames a siloed organization for the unforced errors. He says teams were isolated from one other and focused on a specific agenda rather than working together. Ultimately, he says, the company’s ambitious product pipeline overwhelmed a management team with too many layers and sign-offs.

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Why strategy fails: We all think our idea’s The Best

Strategic misalignment often results from disagreements on what to do: Which solutions to adopt and which ones to forego.

So when decision makers are headstrong, pushing to execute their ideas without empathizing with peers, strategy risks taking on too many conflicting initiatives.

Instead of debating solutions, research indicates that strategically aligned leaders first agree on what problems represent priorities. Only then do they start a conversation on what to do.

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